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In this guide

Best Chimney Sweeps in Brisbane

Updated 22 March 2023


  • Having your chimney cleaned out regularly is an essential part of household maintenance that’s easy to forget. However what to pay and who you should hire are common questions among many Brisbane homeowners with a fireplace.
  • Our guide covers suggested chimney sweep pricing, how to get the best price, DIY options and frequently asked questions. 
  • We also list a handful of trusted and reliable chimney sweeps with a proven track record in Brisbane.

Know This First: What are the signs that my chimney needs cleaning?

Some signs that your chimney needs a thorough cleaning include:

  1. A strong, unpleasant odour comes from the fireplace, especially when unused.
  2. Reduced draft, making it difficult to start or maintain a fire.
  3. Smoke enters your home when you light a fire.
  4. A build up of soot and debris at the bottom of the chimney.
  5. Visible creosote deposits on the walls of the chimney or flue.

The Best Brisbane Chimney Sweeps Costs

How Much Does a Chimney Sweep Cost? What Does it Cover?

There are a few different factors that will affect how much your chimney clear-out might cost. These include the number of storeys in your home, the state of the chimney, and the overall complexity of the job. Our research suggests the following:

  • Costs for a basic flue sweep for a single-storey home will generally start at around $150, and
  • With two-storey and three-storey homes starting at $200 and $250, respectively.
  • If your home happens to have more than one chimney, you will be charged per individual job, but you may receive a bundle discount.
  • For example, open fireplace chimneys cost a little more to clean than those connected to slow-combustion heaters.
  • If you haven’t had your chimney cleaned recently, or you’ve been burning a lot of wood and coal throughout the cold seasons, you might need a more thorough inspection and cleaning service, which will, on average, cost between $250 and $350, for a single-storey home, between $300 and $400 for a two-storey home, and between $350 and $450 for a triple-storey home.
  • If the job is made more complex by things like the pitch and condition of your roof, the height of your chimney, or repairs or resealing being needed, you can expect to pay additional costs. This may include labour costs of between $50 and $125 per hour, along with costs for any materials required in case of repair.
  • In addition, especially big and comprehensive jobs can cost upwards of $1,000 if a camera inspection of the chimney is required or you need extensive repairs or additional services such as pest-proofing, capping, and cowling.

How to Get the Best Price for Chimney Sweeps Brisbane

How Can I Get the Best Price?

  • Shop around for quotes. Some smaller family-owned businesses may charge lower rates, and the services offered by different chimney sweeping companies will vary (e.g. some companies do not have an option for simple chimney sweeping and will only offer comprehensive inspection and cleaning services). Make sure you verify the quality of the service via online or word-of-mouth reviews before handing over your hard-earned cash.
  • Get your chimney serviced/cleaned regularly. Using your fireplace every year and never getting your chimney cleaned will result in a much bigger and significantly more expensive job when you’re eventually forced to get around to it by your smoke alarm going off every time you try to enjoy your fire on a cold winter night. A blocked and unswept chimney can also be incredibly dangerous – no one wants to have a flue fire burn out half their house or breathe in toxic gases in their living room.
  • Get damage assessed after a clean, and fix it ASAP. After a chimney is cleaned, any repairs or resealing needed will be much more apparent. To avoid damage worsening and resulting in expensive material and labour costs later, it’s recommended that you get small repairs attended to as soon as possible.
  • Look close to home. Finding a service provider in your local Brisbane area will save on any travel or call-out costs that may be charged.

Chimney Sweeping Brisbane Quote Questions

Questions to Ask Upfront

  • What does the service include? When getting a quote, ensure you get information on what the cost covers, e.g. whether it is for a basic inspection and sweep only or if it includes inspection, minor repairs etc. also).
  • How long will the job take? Basic clear-outs should only take between 45 minutes to an hour, but more complex jobs can take a little longer. If you end up needing repairs or complex work, it’s good to get an idea of how many hours of labour you might have to pay for.
  • How do I pay/how am I charged? Most chimney sweeping services will either have you pay an upfront deposit before work commences and the remainder of the cost in a second instalment once the job is completed to your satisfaction or charge you the full amount once the job is completed. In addition, some companies may offer part-pay services such as Afterpay or Klarna. Payment will typically be made via credit or debit card, cash, or bank deposit.
  • Will you provide a written report or documentation after the service? A detailed report or documentation of the service provided, including any issues found and recommendations for repairs or maintenance, can be helpful for your records and future reference.
  • Will you protect my home and furnishings during the cleaning process? Ask the chimney sweep how they plan to protect your home and furnishings from soot, debris, and potential damage during cleaning. This could include using drop cloths, shoe covers, and ensuring proper ventilation.
  • Do you offer any additional services? Some chimney sweeps may offer additional services such as chimney repair, installation of chimney caps or guards, or ongoing maintenance packages; you can see what they offer and assess whether you need it.
  • What should I do to prepare for the clean? Do you need to clear the area around the fireplace? Remove any ashes or debris from the fireplace? Ask for a list to have everything ticked off before they arrive.

Chimney Sweeps Brisbane DIY Options

Can I DIY Chimney Clean?

You can technically DIY a chimney sweep, but it is not recommended. First of all, you’ll need some special equipment, such as a drop cloth, several different specialist brushes, and safety equipment, such as safety goggles, a respirator or dust mask, and a safety harness. Furthermore:

  • Chimney sweeping can be dangerous work given that you will need to get on your roof, and you will also be dealing with soot and creosote, neither of which you particularly want to breathe in for the sake of your lungs.
  • Some parts of the chimney are also difficult for amateurs to access. If you’re specifically unable to get into the smoke shelf and smoke chamber (directly below the bottom of the flue) easily and manoeuvre a brush in there, it’s highly recommended that you leave the job up to professionals.
  • If you want to, you can take the initiative to do a basic sweep of soot out of the areas of your chimney and fireplace that you can access. However, even if you do this, it’s still recommended that you bring in a certified chimney sweep once a year to assess the situation and clear out any creosote buildup and blockages that you might have in your chimney.

Chimney Sweep Brisbane Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I get my chimney cleaned?

When you burn solid fuels such as wood or coal, especially green or wet timber, and especially if you don’t allow enough oxygen into your fire, a compound called creosote forms on the inside of the flue (the chimney duct). This substance is combustible and corrosive, and tar vapours from particularly smokey fires can condense inside the flue also, making the problem worse. An excessive buildup of these materials can cause dangerous flue fires, poor heat production and inadequate venting of toxic gases in smoke, which can harm your health and home. 

How often should I have my chimney cleaned?

Professionals recommend that your chimney be cleared out depending on the frequency of use of your fireplace. For example, if you use your fireplace all day, every day during the colder seasons, you will need more regular cleans than someone who only uses it during the evenings. Annually or biannually is a good guideline, but if you don’t use your fireplace overly often, you may be able to drop the frequency of your chimney sweeps to biennially. 

Being proactive about getting your chimney swept regularly can prevent damage from creosote buildup and corrosion, which could result in much bigger bills in the long run. In addition, as creosote buildup, blockages and damage to your chimney can also cause fires and smoke leakage into the home; you’re investing in your safety and health by ensuring that your chimney is kept well-maintained.

Can I clean my chimney myself, or should I hire a professional?

As outlined above in our DIY section, cleaning your chimney yourself is possible but hiring a professional chimney sweeper is a better idea. Professional sweeps have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to clean your chimney thoroughly and safely. They can also inspect the chimney for any structural issues, cracks, or other problems that may need to be addressed.

What should I look for when hiring a chimney sweep?

  • Experience: Choose a chimney sweep with a proven track record and experience in the field.
  • Insurance: Ensure the chimney sweep has liability insurance to cover any potential damages or accidents during the cleaning process.
  • Reviews and references: Check online reviews and ask for references from previous clients to ensure you’re hiring a reliable and trustworthy professional.

What can I do to minimise creosote build up in my chimney?

  1. Burn only seasoned, dry wood, as it produces less creosote than green or wet wood.
  2. Avoid burning trash, cardboard, or treated wood, as these materials can release harmful chemicals and create more creosote.
  3. Maintain proper airflow in your fireplace by keeping the damper open and not overloading the fire with wood.
  4. Regularly check and clean the chimney cap to prevent debris or animal nests from obstructing the airflow.

The Best Brisbane Chimney Sweeps

Our List of the Best Brisbane Chimney Sweeps

Brisbane Chimney Cleaning


What customers like:

  • Prompt and responsive service.
  • Thorough and professional clean.
  • Accurate quotes and estimates provided upfront.
  • Clean & tidy – never leaves a mess.
  • Very informative and happy to answer any and all questions.

Services offered (but not limited to): Chimney cleaning & sweeping, bird & animal proofing, flue & chimney repairs & extensions, fireplace installations and maintenance, chimney replastering & recapping. 

D&D Clean Solutions


What customers like:

  • Quick and responsive communication.
  • Professional and thorough cleaning.
  • Friendly and polite service.
  • Consistent high standard of work.

Services offered (but not limited to): Commercial & residential chimney and fireplace sweeping, chimney safety checks, chimney blockage checks & removals, fireplace and chimney maintenance, air duct cleaning, office & commercial cleaning, pressure & acid washing, residential cleaning solutions.

Chimney Sweep Scotty


What customers like:

  • Great quality & tidy work.
  • Responsive and communicative.
  • Punctual service.
  • Thorough cleaning service that provides clear benefits to fireplace function and safety.
  • Keeps customers informed throughout the job.

Services offered (but not limited to): Open fireplace chimney cleaning, wood heater chimney flue cleaning, chimney and fireplace safety inspections, solar panel cleaning.

Toowoomba Chimney Sweeping


What customers like:

  • Always helpful and willing to provide advice.
  • Prompt and punctual.
  • High quality and professional work.
  • Great value for money.

Services offered (but not limited to): Wood burner, wood heater, and open fireplace chimney sweeping & cleaning, flue & flue part replacement and repair, bird and pest proofing.

Sooty’s Chimney Cleaning


What customers like:

  • Prompt and punctual service.
  • Outstanding workmanship.
  • Clear and efficient communication.
  • Clean, professional, and tidy.
  • Well-priced.

Services offered (but not limited to): Commercial & residential chimney and fireplace sweeping, safety checks & inspections, fireplace and flue part replacement and repair, blockage removal, vermin & bird proofing, flue extensions, solar panel cleaning.