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In this guide

The Best Demolition Companies in Brisbane

Updated 16 January 2023

Find trusted demolition companies in Brisbane; we explain the costs, must-know facts, DIY options and list twenty of Brisbane’s most experienced and reliable demolition experts.


  • Demolition is the science and engineering of breaking down buildings and other manufactured structures safely and efficiently.
  • You may choose to demolish a building for various reasons, whether it has become a hazard and is too dangerous to use because it may collapse or you are removing the existing structure to replace it with another building. 
  • Almost all demolition debris can be repurposed. Surprisingly, most of the waste generated by demolition can be recycled. Demolition businesses make money by reselling the salvaged and raw materials recovered from the structures they demolish.
  • There are many different ways you can demolish a building. Most people envision dynamite or a wrecking ball, but several methods exist for destroying a building. Outside of explosives and wrecking balls, more often than not, demolition is a lengthy procedure in which multiple different approaches are used to tear down the various elements of the structure manually.
  • Our guide explains the costs, options, what to ask during a quote and frequently asked questions.
  • We also list twenty trusted Brisbane demolition experts who have, in aggregate, demolished thousands of houses and buildings all over Brisbane and have a track record of reliability, efficiency and attention to detail.How Much Does Demolition in Brisbane Cost

How Much Does Demolition Cost?

The cost to demolish a property generally ranges between $12,000 and $40,000, with an average cost of around $16,000. Of course, various factors may influence the price, but as a general rule, anything that may lengthen or complicate the demolition process will increase the cost. Examples are large-sized building with limited accessibility or hazardous materials, among others. Because every property is different but the end result is arguably the same (a clean site), we suggest obtaining a range of quotes.

Factors that will influence the cost include: 

  1. Building size  – the greater the size of the building, the greater the expense of demolition due to the greater amount of materials that must be removed. Larger structures necessitate more machinery and people, which incurs greater costs.
  2. Access – buildings that are difficult to access may be more expensive to destroy because specialised equipment, such as cranes, may be required. In addition, if the facility is difficult to access, your contractor may charge you additional fees for travel and equipment transportation and the distance to waste disposal facilities.
  3. Materials – the type of material used to construct the building will determine which tools are necessary for demolition, hence influencing the cost. Buildings with wooden frames, for example, are far less expensive to demolish than buildings composed of stronger materials such as brick or concrete. Unfortunately, heavier materials are also more difficult to transport and dispose of. Recyclable materials, on the other hand, such as reclaimed timber, may reduce the overall cost of demolition due to their reusable nature.
  4. Hazardous materials – buildings composed of hazardous materials such as asbestos, lead, mould, and chromium-6 will cost substantially more than others because the debris removal will require specialised contractors. Hazardous waste disposal might cost up to three times as much as the disposal of wood or brick. The typical cost of demolishing an asbestos building ranges between $20,000 and $30,000.
  5. Costs of council approval The Brisbane City Council states that you can demolish free-standing outbuildings without planning approval if they were built after 1946. However, building approval (separate to planning approval) is required before doing demolition work, which can be provided by a licensed private building certifier. You must give the certifier scaled and detailed plans prepared by a draftsperson or architect. These costs add up and need to be budgeted for.Brisbane Demolition Quote Questions

Questions to Ask During a Quote 

1. Are you insured?

You should also ensure that the company you hire is insured to cover any harm they cause to themselves or your property. For example, if they do not have personal liability insurance and someone gets injured in your home, you may be liable for workplace injuries. Hiring someone not insured can be dangerous and put you at risk.

2. What licence do you have?

Any Queensland business that carries out demolition work will need a demolition licence. Before hiring any demolition company, check that their licences are also current, as demolishment licences are generally only valid for two years from the date of issue. 

3. Are you able to provide references? 

Any reputable contractor should be able to provide you with references and proof of prior work. If they are prepared to provide references from previous demolition jobs, you should have assurance in their work. 

4. Is your quoted price all-inclusive?

It would be best if you clarified what is included in your quoted fee with your contractor to avoid any unexpected costs. This includes all council approvals, GST, transportation and cleaning.

5. How long will the demolition take?

The average time for demolishing an average-sized house is one week but can range between 4 to 8 days. Of course, the bigger the building is, the longer it may take to complete.

How to Get the Best Price for Demolition Brisbane

How Can I Get the Best Price? 

  1. Get multiple quotes: Obtaining estimates and comparing them is the best method to guarantee you get the best pricing. You will then be able to pick the contractor that offers you the best deal.
  2. Do pre-work: Another way to keep the cost down is by deconstructing the building as much as possible before the professionals arrive. Using basic tools, you can tear out cabinets, flooring, and windows. 
  3. Salvage valuable building components: Before the demolition crew begins knocking down a building, they will do a pre-demo inspection and assess the materials that can be preserved and sold, and deduct that from the total demolition cost.

How do I pay?

  • Some contractors will request a deposit at the start of the job and then require you to pay the remaining sum when the project is completed. Accepted payment methods may include bank transfers and on-site Eftpos.

Demolition Brisbane DIY Options

Can I do DIY Demolition?

DIY demolition can be a cost-effective and satisfying way to take on a home renovation project, but it is not without its risks. Before deciding to do a demolition project yourself, it is important to consider the project’s scope, your skills and experience, and the potential risks and hazards involved. Specifically:

  • While DIY demolition will save you money, improperly removing load-bearing walls or structural elements can collapse a building.
  • Additionally, not properly disposing of hazardous materials, such as asbestos, can have serious health consequences.
  • A small demolition project, such as removing a wall to open up a room, may be manageable for a DIY enthusiast with the right tools and knowledge. However, a larger project, such as removing an entire house wing, may be too much for a DIY project and therefore left to professionals.

If you do want to proceed with DIY demolition, it is important to plan carefully what you will (and won’t) be doing. You’ll need to:

  • Obtaining building approval to demolish.
  • Renting or purchasing the proper tools and equipment.
  • Familiarizing yourself with the proper demolition techniques and safety procedures.

For most people, it’s easier to hire a demolition company than DIY – the risks and time consumed often outweigh the cost savings.  

Demolition Brisbane Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I know if there is asbestos in my house or building?

There is a chance that asbestos is present in some elements in your home if it was built or remodelled between 1940 and 1990. However, the only way to know if you have asbestos in your house is to have a sample tested at an authorised laboratory approved by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA).

How much does it cost to get asbestos tested?

Asbestos testing can range in price starting from around $75 if you are confident using DIY kits. However, if you hire a contractor to collect and test samples, you may be charged anywhere between $250 to $1,200 depending on the method they use to collect it. An independent contractor typically performs asbestos testing to avoid a conflict of interest with the demolition business.

What does explosive demolition/implosion mean?

Although using explosives to implode a structure is a minor element of the demolition process, it may be quite effective and time efficient. However, it is a highly specialised aspect of the demolition process that necessitates a thorough understanding of the nature of structures and the usage of explosives. Contractors who conduct this service are normally licenced professionals, generally as subcontractors to a standard demolition business.

Best Brisbane Demolition Companies

Our Top Rated Brisbane Demolition Companies

Woolloongabba Demolitions

  • Woolloongabba Demolitions has been demolishing houses and recycling construction materials since 1964. They destroy the majority of the houses by hand and save the majority of the building materials, which are then resold from their business address.
  • What customers like about Woolloongabba Demolitions
    • These guys are the best in the business very helpful and extremely knowledgeable in all things demolition.
    • Friendly staff and reasonable  prices.
    • Very helpful staff and great service.
    • They work fast and efficient.
    • You can view some of the products that they resell on their website.
  • Please note: Their trading hours are 7:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday and 7:00am to 3:30pm on Saturdays. 
  • Services offered (but not limited to): demolition, paint stripping, and door and window restoration.
  • Google Rating: ~4.5/5
  • Address: 63 Melbourne Street, Rocklea, 4106
  • Website: Woolloongabba Demolitions 
  • Contact number: 07 3392 9277
  • Email address: 

Mackay & Sons House Removals And Demolition

  • Mackay & Sons House Removals in Narangba, Brisbane, was established in 1966 and is now handled by the third generation of the Mackay family. They are one of the industry’s largest, oldest, and most experienced house removalists.
  • What customers like about Mackay & Sons House Removals And Demolition:
    • Their attention to detail is very impressive.
    • From the initial consult to the final job site cleanup, the staff have been really helpful and no question went unanswered.
    • They were a pleasure to deal with and professional in all aspects and provided contacts from design to certification.
    • Everything was on time and on budget and I couldn’t fault their service. 
    • They have photos and videos available to view through their gallery of previous projects.
  • Please note: They have a Frequently Asked Questions sections available for commonly asked questions about house removals. 
  • Services offered (but not limited to): private house removal, house sales, onsite house moves/slides, boat moves, house moves by boat, raise and restumping, demolition, certification, earth works, asbestos removal.
  • Google Rating: ~4.6/5
  • Address: 9/11 Cerium Street, Narangba, 4504
  • Website: Mackay & Sons House Removals And Demolition
  • Contact number: 07 3888 9399
  • Email address: 

Urban Demolitions And Plant Hire

  • Urban Demolitions & Plant Hire Pty Ltd, situated in Brisbane, is responsible for many of Queensland’s major demolitions and earthmoving projects. Their staff of operators are qualified and certified, adheres to safety and quality standards, and works professionally with their customers and other businesses to complete projects at a high standard. 
  • What customers like about Urban Demolitions And Plant Hire:
    • Great communication, fair pricing and they turned up to quote when they said they would.
    • Everything was done as promised and their price is excellent compare to other quotes.
    • They provided a high quality service and the demo was fast and efficient.
    • You can check out their latest news and projects on their website. 
  • Please note: You can request a free quote online through their website. 
  • Services offered (but not limited to): Steam carpet cleaning, dry carpet cleaning, stain removal,  high-pressure cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning, pest control and empty house cleaning. 
  • Google Rating: ~4.9/5
  • Address: 45 Nundah Street, Kedron, 4031
  • Website: Urban Demolitions And Plant Hire
  • Contact number: 07 3315 5935
  • Email address: 

Able Earthmoving and Demolition

  • Able Earthmoving and Demolition is a family-owned business that provides earthmoving and demolition services in Brisbane, Queensland, and its surrounding areas. They have over twenty years of experience and are highly certified and talented, allowing them to execute any project securely and successfully. 
  • What customers like about Able Earthmoving and Demolition:
    • From the moment I contacted Stefan to get a quote for our house demo, the entire process was professional, courteous, highly competitive with pricing and transparent.
    • their team members were on time and very efficient.
    • I found them reliable and thoroughly professional and the quality of the job was top-notch.
    • You can read through their FAQs on their website about their most common questions about demolition.
  • Please note: You can book in online for a free quote.  
  • Services offered (but not limited to): demolition services and asbestos removal. 
  • Google Rating: ~5.0/5
  • Address: 3 Nemo Street, Archerfield, 4108
  • Website: Able Earthmoving and Demolition
  • Contact number: 07 3096 0399
  • Email address: 

Bunneys Demolitions

  • Bunneys has worked with homeowners, large-scale property developers, government agencies, and foreign investment partners throughout the years to provide full-service, high-quality demolition services. They have decades of combined expertise in large-scale building and demolition operations. 
  • What customers like about Carpet and Tile Cleaning
    • Their communication and service exceeded my expectations. 
    • Very reasonable prices and very efficient with clearing. 
    • From the very start Chris was professional, reliable and great at communicating.  
    • They have recycled materials available to buy from their business address including recycled timber, doors and windows and building materials. 
  • Please note: you can request a free quote online through their website.
  • Services offered (but not limited to): industrial demolition, residential demolition, commercial demolition, asbestos and waste removal, and site excavation.  
  • Google Rating: ~4.5/5
  • Address: 22 Radley Street, Virginia, 4014
  • Website: Bunneys Demolitions 
  • Mobile: 07 3265 2177
  • Email address: 

Ballard’s Earthmoving & Demolition

  • Ballard’s Earthmoving have over 30 year’s experience and are experts in house demolition projects, conducted in a safe manner. All staff are properly trained, licenced and are safety focused to ensure the success of their projects from start to finish. 
  • What customers like about Ballard’s Earthmoving & Demolition:
    • they followed through exactly as quoted and kept me updated through the project.
    • From start to finish, it was a smooth process.
    • They staff are professional, polite and responsive.
    • Anna was always extremely courteous in our email and phone communications; and Tony was just the best when it came to the care and efficiency of his expert demolition process.
    • They have a blog where you can read more about the services they provide. 
  • Please note: Ballard’s Earthmoving & Demolition are ‘A’ class licenced for Asbestos removal.
  • Services offered (but not limited to): demolition, earthworks, plant hire and haulage and rubbish removal.
  • Google Rating: ~5.0/5
  • Address: 356 Samsonvale Road, Joyner QLD 4500
  • Website: Ballard’s Earthmoving & Demolition
  • Contact number: 07 3882 4453
  • Email address: 

Logan City Demolitions – House & Commercial Demolition Company in Brisbane & Gold Coast

  • Logan City Demolitions is a commercial and residential demolition and asbestos removal company in Brisbane and the Gold Coast with over 40 years of expertise in Queensland. Recycling and salvage are particularly essential to this business, and they strive to recycle at least 85% of each demolition.
  • What customers like about Logan City Demolitions – House & Commercial Demolition Company in Brisbane & Gold Coast:
    • the staff really do their best to look after your interests.
    • Sunny made sure he knew exactly what was required before the work was started.
    • Cheapest quote I found in Logan area and they did above and beyond what other’s were quoting to do.
    • They have many helpful links on their website including a newsletter and a gallery of their projects.
  • Please note: Read through their FAQs about the questions asked about demolition. 
  • Services offered (but not limited to): demolition, asbestos removal, and rubbish removal. 
  • Google Rating: ~4.9/5
  • Address: 48-50 Cairns Street, Loganholme, 4129
  • Website: Logan City Demolitions – House & Commercial Demolition Company in Brisbane & Gold Coast
  • Mobile: 07 3800 1445
  • Email address: 

Area 51 Asbestos Removal & Demolition

  • Area 51 Asbestos Removal & Demolition have been providing their services to Brisbane and Ipswich for over 20 years. They are well equipped to do private demolition work and are permitted to demolish any building under 10 metres in height.
  • What customers like about Area 51 Asbestos Removal & Demolition:
    • Really responsive and gave great advice to ensure we weren’t having to pay more for a job than necessary. 
    • Great efficient team that practised all the proper protocols for safe handling and removal. 
    • Really helpful and friendly.
    • All were on time and happy to assist. 
    • They provide a gallery of all their previous projects.
  • Please note: They sell DIY asbestos removal kits for $499. 
  • Services offered (but not limited to): demolition work and asbestos removal.
  • Google Rating: ~4.9/5
  • Address: 151 Elliott Road, Banyo, 4104 
  • Website: Area 51 Asbestos Removal & Demolition
  • Mobile: 07 3267 1757
  • Email address: 

Slab Busters

  • Slab Busters is a privately held company headquartered in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. They are committed to removing and breaking concrete quickly, safely, and affordably, as well as decreasing the environmental effect of concrete through recycling.
  • What customers like about Slab Busters:
    • Punctual, great communication, competitive quote, and most importantly got the job done no fuss.
    • Slab Busters were a pleasure to deal with from start to finish, provided a quote quickly and did the job on short notice.
    • They listened, they knew what they were talking about, they did a great job for a fair price.
    • They provide a gallery of all their previous projects. 
  • Please note: Their machines can break down concrete into small enough pieces to be recycled on-site as backfill, landfill, road base, and other uses. Their machines also consume significantly less fuel and produce far less dust than concrete saws or excavators.  
  • Services offered (but not limited to): house/shed, garage, industrial slab demolition, driveways, paths, tennis courts, road, carparks, and runways. 
  • Google Rating: ~5.0/5
  • Address: Coorparoo 4151 
  • Website: Slab Busters
  • Mobile: 1300 752 228 
  • Email address: email

House Demolitions Brisbane

  • House Demolitions Brisbane is a demolition business situated in Brisbane that serves both commercial and residential clients. Their client satisfaction is entirely guaranteed as a result of their market performance, which allows them to invest in modern technology, equipment, and training. 
  • What customers like about House Demolitions Brisbane:
    • On short notice, they completed the work in a single day. 
    • The team that arrived on-site was really polite and professional. 
    • the staff were at our house for just a couple of days and we were very pleased with the results. 
    • The articles they provide on their website discusses important information about demolitions. 
  • Please note: You can request a free quote online through their website. 
  • Services offered (but not limited to): residential and commercial demolition, land clearing, and concrete removal.  
  • Google Rating: ~5.0/5
  • Address: Brisbane
  • Website: House Demolitions Brisbane 
  • Contact number: 07 3177 4660 
  • Email address: email

Gumdale Demolition

  • Gumdale Demolition has been offering demolition services around Brisbane for over 25 years, with extensive expertise in commercial demolition, industrial demolition, and residential demolition. They are devoted to recycling materials responsibly in order to reduce their environmental effect.
  • What customers like about Gumdale Demolition:
    • They know the business inside out and make what may be a daunting process flow smoothly. 
    • Job was done very well and left the property very tidy. 
    • They provide an excellent service.
    • You can check out their latest projects on their website. 
  • Please note: Read through their FAQs about the questions asked about demolition.
  • Services offered (but not limited to): industrial, commercial, and residential demolition. 
  • Google Rating: ~4.6/5
  • Address: 63 Macadamia Street, Forestdale, 4118
  • Website: Gumdale Demolition
  • Mobile: 07 3809 4108
  • Email address: 

Abyss Demolition

  • Abyss Demolition is a Queensland-based company that was founded in 2002. They have A Class Asbestos Removal and Unrestricted Demolition Works licences.
  • What customers like about Abyss Demolition:
    • Abyss are amazing to deal with the whole way through.
    • the team were quick, efficient and practical.
    • The team was very professional and always kept the yard and street clean.
    • Provides clients with quick answers to FAQs on their website.
  • Please note: they are fully licenced and insured for all types of asbestos removal and unrestricted demolition.
  • Services offered (but not limited to):  removal of low density board, telstra asbestos pits, asbestos cement sheeting and demolition works including house demolition, demolition of commercial buildings, high rise demolition, internal strip outs, industrial demolition, service station demolition, bridge demolition and removal of underground storage tanks, bulk removal of asbestos contaminated soil, hydrocarbon contaminated soil and site remediation. 
  • Google Rating: ~4.7/5
  • Address: Mobile only 
  • Website: Abyss Demolition
  • Mobile: 07 3341 9400
  • Email address: email

Murray’s Concrete Cutting & Drilling Services

  • Murray’s Concrete Cutting & Drilling Services delivers small scale demolition services to the Capalaba region. 
  • What customers like about Murray’s Concrete Cutting & Drilling Services:
    • they are efficient and honest. 
    • they did a great job, were friendly and gave helpful advice. 
    • delivered prompt and professional service.
    • Knowledgeable tradies. 
    • Read through their blog entries for helpful information regarding household and carpet cleaning. 
  • Please note: They are available 24 hours 7 days a week, by appointment only. 
  • Services offered (but not limited to): Small scale demolition, concrete drilling, expansion cutting, asphalt sawing. 
  • Google Rating: ~5.0/5
  • Address: 3/70 Redland Bay Road, Capalaba, 4157
  • Website: Murray’s Concrete Cutting & Drilling Services
  • Mobile: 0407 169 822 
  • Email address: 

Zkl asbestos and demolition services

  • Zachary Love owns and operates ZKL Asbestos and Demolition Services, which was founded with the express objective of keeping the Queensland population safe. ZKL has over six years of expertise in asbestos removal and associated services and assists the residential and commercial properties in ensuring asbestos protection.
  • What I wish all tradesmen would be as transparent and tidy as Zac was.
    • They did an amazing job on demolishing my house ready for use to re build another house. 
    • Great service, great friendly customer  service, did amazing  job on clean up. 
    • All work is carried out by the fully trained and qualified ZKL crew in strict conformity with OH&S Regulations.  
  • Please note: ZKL services Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Gympie, Childers, and the larger Queensland area. 
  • Services offered (but not limited to):  asbestos cement wall cladding, asbestos roofing removal, and asbestos ceiling removal.
  • Google Rating: ~5.0/5
  • Address: 41/52 Latham Street, Chermside, 4032
  • Website: Zkl asbestos and demolition services 
  • Contact number: 0400 038 476
  • Email address: 

Queensland Asbestos and Demolition

  • QAD (Queensland Asbestos and Demolition) is a Brisbane-based family-run business. They are well prepared to undertake any work, with excavators ranging in size from 1.8t to 14t.
  • What customers like about Queensland Asbestos and Demolition:
    • The communication was great from the start and demolition was completed professionally and on time.
    • the work was prompt, reliable and works have been completed to a high standard. 
    • He did an excellent job, arrived on time, was communicative, fairly priced and just a good approachable bloke. 
    • Fast and reliable services. 
    • They provide a gallery of all their previous projects.  
  • Please note: their team have all of their asbestos removal licenses ensuring safety on every job.  
  • Services offered (but not limited to): demolition, asbestos removal, re-cladding, and re-fencing. 
  • Google Rating: ~5.0/5
  • Address: 22 Normanton Street, Stafford Heights, 4053
  • Website: Queensland Asbestos and Demolition
  • Mobile: 0467 155 164
  • Email address: 


  • DemoGroup has been a premier asbestos removal and demolition company in Quee for many years. Their reputation is founded on dependability and providing high-quality services throughout the region. 
  • What customers like about DemoGroup:
    • Customer service was above and beyond. 
    • The job was completed quickly and to the absolute highest of standards. 
    • Their communication was great, price was very competitive and the work professional.  
    • They provide a gallery of all their previous projects. 
  • Please note: Their business hours are Monday to Friday 7am to 5pm, and Saturday 8am to 12pm. 
  • Services offered (but not limited to): demolition, concrete recycling, pool removal, environmental recovery, and hazardous waste removal. 
  • Google Rating: ~4.8/5
  • Address: Aminya Street, Mansfield, 4122
  • Website: DemoGroup
  • Mobile: 0409 072 468 
  • Email address: 

All Scale Asbestos & Demolition

  • All Scale Asbestos & Demolition has over 25 years of industry expertise and fully licenced staff. They have a plethora of experience from working on a variety of projects for hundreds of different customers across thousands of sites. 
  • What customers like about All Scale Asbestos & Demolition:
    • Work was done professionally, on time and within budget. 
    • they took extra care to protect our asset,  leaving everything tidy and clean. 
    • They are efficient. 
    • 100%, good ol’ fashioned service and premium workmanship. 
    • You can follow them on instagram.
  • Please note: You can request a free quote online. 
  • Services offered (but not limited to): demolition, asbestos removal, rubbish removal. 
  • Google Rating: ~5.0/5
  • Address: 973 Fairfield Road, Yeerongpilly,  4105
  • Website: All Scale Asbestos & Demolition
  • Mobile: 0412 694 322
  • Email address: 

Zero Asbestos Removal Brisbane 

  • Richard Ayres founded Aspec – the Asbestos Specialists in 2006, and the company has expanded from a small team of four operating out of a local shed to one of Queensland’s biggest full-time asbestos removal team.
  • What customers like about Zero Asbestos Removal Brisbane:
    • Quick response to emails for quotes. 
    • The lads turned up on time, explained the whole process and got the job done very quick. 
    • Amazing service every step of the process, from speaking to the ladies in the office to dealing with the estimators and having a five star job completed.
    • Helpful links 
  • Please note: All Supervisors and Technicians are A Class asbestos accredited.
  • Services offered (but not limited to): demolition, meth lab clean ups, mould remediation, asbestos removal.
  • Google Rating: ~4.8/5
  • Address: 5/22 Musgrave Road, Coopers Plains 4108
  • Website: Zero Asbestos Removal Brisbane
  • Mobile: 0733 332 010
  • Email address: 

Greenway Demolition

  • Greenway Demolition originally began as a construction company. Greenway Build expanded its services as a demolition contractor in 2019.
  • What customers like about Greenway Demolition:
    • Their work was quick and thorough and the site was left clean and met the builder’s expectations. 
    • Very prompt communication from Kepler and neat work.
    • Greenway managed to juggle their busy schedule to complete our demolition within a tight timeframe so our site could be ready for our builder’s imminent  start date. 
    • You can read through their blog about their demolition services as well as their asbestos removal.  
  • Please note: Book a free quote online through their website. 
  • Services offered (but not limited to): Residential and commercial demolition, and asbestos removal. 
  • Google Rating: ~5.0/5
  • Address: Loganholme 4219
  • Website: Greenway Demolition 
  • Contact number: 07 5224 2105
  • Email address: