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In this guide

The Best Plasterers in Brisbane

Updated 17 January 2023

Find trusted plasterers in Brisbane; we explain how much different repairs cost, must-know facts, DIY options and list twenty of Brisbane’s most experienced and reliable plasterers.


  • Professional plasterers help with drywall plastering, repairs, creating partitions, or plastering solid walls. They can help create rooms, repair rooms, or create a new design in an existing room.
  • Plastering is regulated throughout Queensland, but the quality of work varies. Our guide is published to help you understand expected costs, must-know questions to ask, key facts and tips to help you find the best plasterer for your project.
  • We also list twenty trusted and reliable plasterers with a proven track record in Brisbane.

How Much Does Plastering in Brisbane Cost

How much Does Plastering Cost?

  • Plastering requires professionals to add a layer of plaster on top of a rough surface. How much work is needed affects the cost. The more design features, the higher the cost.
  • Most plasterers provide a quote based on the size of the room. Hard plasterers typically charge $30 – $80 per square meter. Wet plasterers charge $50 – $100 per square meter. This includes the price of the materials. However, it doesn’t usually include the cost of removing existing plaster or any added costs if the area is difficult to access. Therefore, you can save significantly by doing prep work in advance).
  • If you need to replaster an entire home, the plasterer will quote the cost for the entire home, which can be around $8,000 to $12,000 for a three-bedroom home.

Know This: It takes one to two days to plaster an entire room. If you have more than one room plastered, ask about the timeline so you know how long you need to account for the contractors in your home. Don’t underestimate or underbudget the time and cost of plastering. It can take up to six days for the plaster to dry. Make sure you account for this time if you must remove large items from the room and store them elsewhere. Brisbane Plasterers Quote Questions

Questions to Ask Before Getting a Plastering Quote

While Queensland is highly regulated regarding who can advertise and engage in plastering work, the best results come when you’re fully informed. Our must-ask questions below give you confidence around what to ask (and what the answers mean):

  • Are you licensed? Queensland requires plasterers to be licenced when they carry out drywall plastering or solid plastering, both of which are specialist skills and require a high level of care. 
  • Are you insured? Never work with an uninsured plasterer; you’re completely exposed to financial destruction if there’s an accident and/or damage to your home. Sole traders can disappear and companies can quickly go into receivership and close down. Having an insured plasterer is essential.
  • Can I see examples of other jobs you’ve done? For example, if you’re having ornate plastering done, check out other jobs the plasterer completed to ensure it fits what you had in mind for your home. Photos of real Brisbane projects are essential. 
  • Can I get a written quote? Don’t accept a verbal quote – there’s too much risk. A written quote should include materials, labour, installation costs and GST. If there are extra charges for accessing a difficult area, removing plaster, or creating a specific design, it should be detailed in the quote.
  • How long will the job take? Most plastering jobs take only a couple of days, but the job’s complexity will determine how long the contractor needs. The longer it takes, the more it will cost you per hour.
  • How much experience do you have with ornate designs? If you’re adding cornices or ceiling decorations, ensure the plasterer has experience with such designs. Ask about their specific experience, what they’ve designed, and how long they’ve been doing it.
  • Do you do prep work, and is it included? If you don’t want to do the prep work, ensure it doesn’t cost more. Most contractors will charge an extra fee per hour for the work to prep the area, especially if they must remove old plaster, wallpaper, or drywall.
  • What is your procedure for when the job is done; do they clean up, or is that left for you? Plastering is messy, so cover everything, including the flooring.

How to Get the Best Price Plasterers Brisbane

How can I Get the Best Price for Plastering?

To reduce your costs when hiring a plasterer, consider these tips:

  1. Make the area accessible. Remove as much as you can from the room and cover anything permanent. Giving the plasterer as much room as possible will reduce your costs because of ease of accessibility.
  2. Remove old materials yourself. One way you can DIY plastering is to remove any old materials yourself. Contractors charge per hour for the labour to remove plastering. Since you don’t need special skills to remove it, do it yourself to save money. Plenty of online resources explain how to do this.
  3. Do all plastering at once. If you’re renovating several areas of your home, do all the plastering at once. You’ll pay less the more square footage you have plastered because it makes the job worth the contractor’s time.

Brisbane Plastering DIY Options

Can I Undetake DIY Plastering?

DIY plastering can be challenging but rewarding for those with the right skills and experience. Before undertaking a plastering project yourself, it is important to consider the project’s scope, skills and experience, and potential risks and hazards.

You’ll need to be honest about your level of experience and skill – plastering is a skilled trade that requires a certain level of knowledge and experience to do it well. If you are not comfortable with the task, it is best to hire a professional.

If you do want to try DIY, you will also need to gather the necessary tools and materials; a hawk, a trowel, a plastering float, a mixing paddle, and a plastering mixer. You will also need to buy plaster, which can be either a traditional or a more modern, pre-mixed product. The process is as follows:

  1. Prepare: You’ll need to properly prepare the surface that you will be plastering by making sure it’s clean, dry, and free of loose debris. If necessary, you should fill any cracks or holes in the surface before applying the plaster.
  2. Apply: When applying the plaster, it is important to work in small sections, spreading and smoothing the plaster as you go. You’ll need to work quickly, as plaster can dry out quickly and become difficult to work with. You should also be aware of the proper technique to use, such as the three-coat system, which includes a scratch coat, a brown coat and a finish coat.
  3. Protect: You’ll need to protect yourself from potential hazards such as dust, falling debris, and electrical hazards. This includes wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment, such as gloves, goggles, and a dust mask.

Know This: Plastering is one of those tasks that are best for hiring a professional. However, unless you have experience plastering, it could cost you more money to do it yourself because you’ll likely have to redo the area several times, or you might cause damage to the walls and need professional repairs. Also, if you’re selling a home, substandard plastering jobs can quickly dissuade potential buyers from making an offer.Brisbane Plasterers Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I plaster over plaster?

It’s always best to remove old plaster first. However, if you’re trying to save money, you can do this job first and save the costs of a professional plasterer. This explainer video from Bunnings is a good starting point to learn how it’s done.

What is the difference between plaster and drywall?

Plaster can be manipulated and designed. On the other hand, drywall is a solid board applied to walls in one piece and cannot be designed. We suggest reading the Family Handyman’s dedicated comparison to understand the key differences.

How thick should your plaster be?

Typical plaster is between 1 and 2 mm. Professional plasterers will automatically choose this thickness, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

What ornate decorations can be added?

Ornate plaster decorations may include ceiling decorations, cornices, arches, or even entire fireplaces.

Do plasterer quotes include materials?

Not always – ask for a detailed quote to ensure the total cost includes the materials. If they’re not included, estimate the materials cost and compare the total to a quote from a plasterer that provides the materials.

Best Brisbane Plasterers

Our Top Rated Brisbane Plasterers

Floor to Roof

Floor to Roof is a local painting and plastering company in Brisbane. With licensed painters and decorators bringing experience in plastering repairs, they provide painting and plastering services for commercial and residential customers, including interior and exterior work, decks, roofs and more. 

Floor to Roof caters to a range of commercial and residential painting and plastering needs. They also provide fair price and discount for Retired.

For any questions or to request a quote, contact Floor to Roof. They can also be reached via phone or email. 

Services offered: (but not limited to): Interior and exterior painting, wall paper, roof restoration,  plastering, residential and commercial painting, plastering and repaint

Google Rating: ~4.7/5 

Address: Service areas are Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan (no address provided on the website)

Website: Floor to Roof

Contact number: 0432 611 096

Top Gun Plastering

Recognising a growing need for quality interior plastering Top Gun Plastering was formed to uphold a Gold Coast tradition of professional plastering craftsmanship. Top Gun has been servicing Gold Coast Brisbane and Northern NSW since 2009.

What customers like about Top Gun Plastering:

  • For a 28-year-old house that needs ceiling repair with tight timeframes, Top Gun Plastering can deliver leaving a high-quality finish on the ceiling.
  • Kyle and Jack were amazing in assisting with a time-critical plastering job and completed the work professionally and cleanly.
  • The team at Top Gun Plastering provides prompt responses to quote requests and job bookings, never failing to deliver amazing service and exceptional workmanship on time.
  • They are professional from start to finish, and the result exceeds expectations every time. 

Please note: 

Top Gun Plastering specialise in the interior drywall plastering of new homes, from small residential project homes to large waterfront estates and has a specialised Interior plastering sector for all insurance work and plaster repairs. Their pricing includes the cost of materials, all labour costs and public liability insurance.   

Services offered: (but not limited to): Plastering for new luxury and spec homes, townhouse developments, duplexes, shop/office fitouts, plastering for renovations and home extensions, all domestic plastering, plaster insurance work, gyprocking and gyprockers, ornate plaster cornices, small plaster repairs

Google Rating: ~5/5 

Address: 8/29-31 Fred Chaplin Circuit, BELLS CREEK 4551

Website: Top Gun Plastering 

Contact number: 0402 621 023

Keen Plastering

Keen Plastering comprises a team of fully-certified professionals experienced in all aspects of the plastering industry, from complex projects to simpler operations. Established in 2003, the plastering company has been working in the Brisbane and Ipswich areas for over 28.

What customers like about 

  • Shane and the team are not only very professional, but they are also easy to get along with. They show up and finish on time while doing the work with minimal fuss.
  • The quality of work and the attention to detail that this team provides are impeccable. The team’s professionalism, no-nonsense approach and humble attitude are impressive.
  • Nothing is too tricky or difficult for Shane and his team. They’ll go beyond to deliver value to the customer with a perfect finish, tackling even the trickiest renders.
  • At Keen Plastering, you’ll be dealing with honest, hardworking people who provide very clear and transparent communication. From storm-damaged repairs to whole house dry wall plastering,  they deliver an exceptionally high standard quality of work,
  • Shane and the team are meticulous; they do not cut corners. At the end of the day, they leave their customers with a peaceful mind while establishing a great customer relationship.

Please note: 

Keen Plastering is a licensed QBCC contractor offering complete supply, fix and finish for all stages of plastering for a wide range of plastering projects, including commercial, residential and retail projects. For an obligation-free quote, contact Keen Plastering.

Services offered: (but not limited to): Supply and installation of plasterboard for new homes, office and retail fit-outs, extensions and renovations, plasterboard repairs, steel stud partition systems, ceilings and bulkheads, ornate restoration and new work, acoustic and fire-rated plasterboard systems, thermal and acoustic insulation, aluminium glazing, and skim coating

Google Rating: ~4.7/5 

Address: 34 Sovereign Strait, Karalee 4306

Website: Keen Plastering

Contact number: 0407 726 287

Drywall Solutions Brisbane

Drywall Solutions is a local drywall contractor and plasterer in Brisbane, providing plastering work to residential and commercial properties. Backed by 20 years of experience in the construction industry,. Drywall Solutions Brisbane has been in Plastering Industry for 15 years serving the entire Brisbane region.

What customers like about 

  • Alen’s work is extremely professional. He is punctual and will take the time to clearly explain everything.
  • Alen quickly responds to calls or texts and provides quotes promptly, offering a reasonable price.
  • Alen and his team are punctual and ruthlessly efficient, and competent. They are also friendly and easy to deal with.
  • The team works fast without compromising quality. Alen and his team can professionally install new battens, insulation, ceiling and cornices within 5 days. 

Please note: 

Drywall Solutions is not available for jobs over $3000. Check the FAQs for more information and to request a Free Quote

Services offered: (but not limited to): All areas of plasterboard installation, including, Suspended Ceilings, False Walls, Timber and Steel frame construction, and Suspended Grid Ceilings Systems for offices and similar retail and commercial outlets.

Google Rating: ~4.6/5 

Address: 129 Ryhill Rd, Sunnybank Hills 4109

Website: Drywall Solutions Brisbane

Contact number: 0420 326 418

NorthBris Contracting

NorthBris Contracting are specialist in all aspects of domestic and commercial internal plastering and plasterboard installations and repairs. It is a family-owned plastering company servicing the Brisbane region since 2011.  

What customers like about 

  • Steve and the team of NorthBris Contracting are very easy to deal with, making the whole process easy. They are professional, helpful and committed to providing great customer experience and excellent job completion.
  • They are professional and courteous. They will take extra care to protect the furniture and diligently clean up at the end of the work day.
  • Steve and his team are reliable and efficient. They arrive when they say they will and complete the job promptly while keeping you updated every step of the way.
  • The quality of work and customer service they provide is faultless. They clean up after themselves as they go, and nothing is a hassle, even for a difficult renovation job.
  • The team at NorthBris Contracting works hard to exceed expectations. They can make a 50-year-old vermiculite ceiling look brand new with a high-standard finish. 

Please note: 

NorthBris Contracting comprises qualified tradesmen covered by QBCC license and public liability insurance and offers a 7-year warranty on all workmanship. For enquiries and quote requests, contact NorthBris Contracting.

Services offered: (but not limited to): Internal plastering and plasterboard installations and repairs for new homes, renovations and small repairs, domestic and commercial properties, framing and partitions, shop fit-outs, suspended ceilings and ornamental plaster following Heritage guidelines.

Google Rating: ~5/5 

Address: Garnet St Clayfield, Brisbane 4011

Website: NorthBris Contracting

Contact number: 0439 491 887

SCR Rendering

SCR Rendering is an owner-operator rendering and solid plastering business providing professional services to home and commercial properties in Brisbane and around. The company is a pioneer in rendering services and holds Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) license, carrying all relevant insurances like WorkCover and Public Liability.

What customers like about SCR Rendering:

  • From the initial contact to post-job care, their service and quality of workmanship are above and beyond.
  • Steve and his team can complete a job promptly despite the short notice, reflecting a high level of skill, competency and efficiency.
  • The whole process was a breeze, from the quote process to the actual application of the product. With SCR Rendering, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the very reasonable cost of an amazing transformation to your property.
  • For high-end architect-designed homes where a quality finish is paramount, SCR Rendering has always done the job right the first time using a variety of substrates and finishes. They are flexible and happy to work around our requirements with no fuss.

Please note: 

SCR Rendering is a Brisbane-based rendering and solid plastering business offering workmanship guarantees for all work. Their service areas cover the entire Brisbane region and around. For queries related to renders or work they carry out, contact SCR Rendering. To view their residential and commercial rendering work, check out their Project Gallery

Services offered: (but not limited to): All types of render and texture, including cement, acrylic and stucco, rendering and repairs for all types of surfaces.

Google Rating: ~4.9/5 

Address: Brisbane-based, the areas of service include the surrounding suburbs and regions  (no address provided)

Website: SCR Rendering

Contact number: 0422 983 942

Premium Painting and Plastering

Premium Painting and Plastering is a dual-licensed painting and plastering business offering more than 30 years of combined experience. They bring trade skills in plastering, colour matching and painting to transform residential, commercial and industrial properties in Brisbane.

What customers like about 

  • Will of Premium Painting and Plastering always does a great job repairing homes’ sad and old interiors. He is prompt and professional and provides clear communication.
  • Will is responsive throughout and the quote provided is very reasonable with no hidden costs.
  • Will and Kyle are diligent tradesmen committed to providing the best service and quality of work. They come on time and clean up before they leave the site.  
  • Will and Kyle of Premium Painting and Plastering truly deserve an A+++++ rating for the quality of work and service. They are extremely knowledgeable, professional, responsive and flexible with their customer’s requirements. 
  • This is an honest painting team who genuinely cares, which is rare. Will and Kyle will go above and beyond to deliver amazing service and workmanship in very short time frames.

Please note: 

Premium Painting and Plastering offers a 5-year warranty for all work done. Learn more about their services and some of the completed Premium Painting and Plastering projects. Visit Premium Painting and Plastering’s contact page for advice and recommendations or to arrange a no-obligation free quote in the Brisbane region. For any other questions, contact Premium Painting and Plastering.

Services offered: (but not limited to): Interior and exterior painting, plaster repairs, drywall repair, fence restoration, wall restoration, popcorn ceiling, stain and water damage repairs.

Google Rating: ~4.7/5 

Address: 3 Blueberry St, Brisbane, 4000

Website: Premium Painting and Plastering

Contact number: 0490 147 507

P.P. Plastering & Painting

P.P. Plastering & Painting is Carindale-based company offering professional painting and plastering work throughout Brisbane. The company’s motto is “Save Time and Money” taking pride in offering professional work at best prices.

What customers like about 

  • Denis promptly answers queries and will arrive same day to inspect and quote the work required at a very competitive price. He is very accommodating with additional requests and carries out the work to a very high standard. 
  • Dennis is very easy to deal with, provides good value for money and does a professional job including cleaning up after himself.
  • Denis is great at what he does and his attention to detail is superb.
  • A hard worker, Denis always strives to achieve the best result possible. He is always on time, very precise and you’ll never get disappointed with the end result. 

Please note: 

P.P. Plastering & Painting accepts all majot crypto currencies for payment. Contact P.P. Plastering & Painting for more information. 

Services offered: (but not limited to): Painting and plastering for renovations and new builds, repairs services

Google Rating: ~5/5 

Address: Tristan Street, Carindale 4152

Website: P.P. Plastering & Painting

Contact number: 0405 030 104