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Advertising Policy and Disclosure MoneyHub Australia

Advertising Policy and Disclosure

Updated 1 July 2023


MoneyHub’s mission is to be a trusted source of consumer-focused information for every Australian. Our focus centers around bringing you authoritative, approachable, and actionable research that helps you to make the best choices.

Our resources and tools are researched and updated under the strictest of guidelines to ensure accuracy and clarity

MoneyHub Group Pty Ltd, the owner of, is funded through the sale of advertising and affiliate sign-ups that appear on selected pages. Our editorial team is entirely inflexible about our editorial control and autonomy. For example, we do not work with clients who offer substandard products and services. Furthermore, we do not allow sponsors to influence MoneyHub’s editorial content.

In some cases, MoneyHub may offer co-branded content in partnership with our sponsors and/or present content created by our sponsors. This content is always clearly labeled and is most likely done so to establish further insights from trusted businesses to help consumers further understand a product or service.

If you’d like to advertise with MoneyHub, please contact us

How we make money

​To provide independent, objective, and 100% unbiased content, generates income from this site in a few ways:

Affiliate relationships

The primary source of income is generated from affiliate relationships. Our process is to research and write first, and then, after publication, reach out to the relevant entity to communicate our insights and findings. If an organisation is interested in working with us, they may engage us in an affiliate relationship. However, as with all aspects of MoneyHub, we only wish to promote products we believe are market-leading and benefit consumers. For this reason, we rarely reach out to entities unless we see the value to our users will be enhanced.

Day to day, we believe in sharing the best deals we can find in the market, and will also do this irrespective of any commercial arrangement.

Since our launch in 2022, continues to receive unsolicited requests on a daily basis from companies wanting exposure on our website. We ignore all such requests. Only in rare cases, such as where the product or service is newly launched and market-leading will we amend our research to include it. While we aim to be complete and highlight leading products and services, we appreciate that we don’t include everything and qualify that on our relevant guides and tools.  


We have a range of trade service providers in key cities around Australia who pay monthly to elevate their positioning on specific pages, as well as have buttons and click-through phone numbers. We invite certain professionals that our research team believes are among the best in the business to enhance their listing and continue to ensure their services are industry-leading. We are not paid per signup.

Email Distributions

We may, in some instances, distribute emails to our subscribers based on shared goals – brand awareness, raising awareness of products and/or concepts, and special promotions. In such instances, we will mark these as “in collaboration with”.

Sponsored/Co-Branded content

In rare cases, we will brand an existing guide with a relevant entity’s branding. The content is not ‘sponsored’ by definition in that it is not promoting the entity directly. Nonetheless, in such cases, MoneyHub will always label the page with additional disclosure about the partnership, so that you know the content itself is objective, but supported by a related entity. Any partner content does not promote the partner beyond brand awareness.

We have carefully reviewed the comprehensive Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA) codes for general advertising and continue to follow the best-best practice guidance. MoneyHub is not an AANA member, nor does it pay any AANA levies.

Nominal IP license

From time to time, MoneyHub will publish awards. Entities named have the option of using our branding in their marketing campaigns for a nominal payment.

Additional information:

1. We don’t endorse any product or service.

We encourage every MoneyHub user to compare their options. We sometimes will shortlist products or services, and some companies providing these goods or services may have existing relationships with us. We disclose this accordingly. Under no circumstances should the inclusion of a product or service be considered an endorsement. In some cases, MoneyHub’s research team may rate or rank certain products or services. We do so based on numbers (e.g. cost, features, etc) and/or at the research team’s discretion based on quantifiable and readily accessible evidence.

2. We clearly distinguish between co-sponsored and non­-sponsored content.

MoneyHub seeks co-sponsorships from trusted and credible research companies who lead their fields. Co-sponsorships and co-branding provide financial benefits to MoneyHub and benefit our users by providing current information and expertise in otherwise unexplored topics. Guides that are co-sponsored by an advertiser are at the discretion of our team. We ensure that there is no cross-promotion or undue advantage of an advertiser in the contents of a co-sponsored guide

3. Our affiliates are market-leading organisations who strive to offer a better deal for consumers in all corners of Australia

As part of our research and writing process, our research team will include links to relevant products and services. We only work with affiliates that offer market-leading products or services. We always strive for completeness and list as much of the market for a product or service as possible. However, we want you to know that MoneyHub may receive a payment if you make a purchase or application at a retailer’s site.

4. We clearly distinguish paid promotions

Occasionally, MoneyHub will work with products, services, or organisations that align with our mission. MoneyHub extensively vets such organisations and their products and/or services to ensure they align with the interests of our users. Examples may include Electronic Direct Mail Marketing (EDMs) and one-off discounts for signing up for a product using a MoneyHub code. We only work with partners who offer top products; we have no interest in profiting by directing people to a bad experience. Partner pages may also include a “MoneyHub” link that takes users to a page that explains the nature of the partnership.

MoneyHub’s Editorial Disclosure

All the opinions, ideas, and analysis at MoneyHub are those of the research team. None of the organisations we work with can edit our content, and unless expressly noted, none of our posts are sponsored or endorsed by any other entity.

Ethics policy

In addition to the above disclosures, we abide by a strict ethics policy:

We don’t accept any other in-kind “gifts” that could present a conflict of interest

We don’t participate in any form of pay-for-play coverage

We don’t let organisations know we’re researching their products in advance

We appreciate the support MoneyHub receives throughout Australia, and we look forward to growing our spread of resources so we can help more people.

Questions? Contact us

If you have any queries relating to our use of your personal information or any other related data protection questions, please contact us.