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In this guide

Perth Airport Parking Fees Comparison

Save on Perth airport parking costs – we list the best and cheapest onsite and off-site airport parking options, with prices from $13/day (based on a 7-day stay).

Updated 3 January 2023


  • Our research suggests that Perth Airport’s parking costs range significantly.
  • Off-site parking with complimentary shuttle services is cheaper than closer on-site airport parking, while on-site parking is arguably far more convenient.
  • Whether you’re looking for cost savings, convenience or additional services, our guide compares the nearest and best-value Perth Airport parking services, looking at location, open-air vs covered, transfer times and a range of rates.
  • We cover Long-Stay, Short-Stay and Drop-Off parking rates.
  • ​Not sure which car park to select? Our comparison table below lets you compare Perth airport car parking options by price (daily, three days and weekly).
  • We also outline the transfer time from the car park to the domestic and international terminals.


Long Stay Parking (24 hours+)

  • The table below includes parking options for both domestic and international travel. However, we’ve noted which terminal the parking options are suitable for. Be sure to check which terminal you’re flying out of to select the appropriate parking.
  • For weekly parking, they’re ordered by price, from lowest to highest. If you want the cheapest parking, look at the top of the list.
  • No car park company has paid to appear on this list, and MoneyHub has no relationship with any business listed below.
Car park Price Per Day (24 hours) Price For 3 Days Price Per Week Airport Terminal Suitability Parking type Transfer Time From Parking to Terminal (Minutes) Shuttle services
Perth Airport Long Term A $28.00 $75.99 $89.00 Domestic T3, T4 & International T3 Open-air 0-10 mins (shuttle) Every 15 mins (approx)
The Car Port and Spa $45.00 $65.00 $92.00 All terminals Open-air 3-5 mins (shuttle) On-demand (booked in advance)
Bay Airport Parking $45.00 $65.00 $92.00 All terminals Open-air 5-10 mins (shuttle) On-demand
Perth Airport Long Term G, J, K $28.00 $73.99 $99.00 Domestic T1, T2 & International T1 Open-air 0-15 mins (shuttle) Every 15 mins (approx)
Perth Airport Long Term B, C, D $28.00 $75.99 $99.99 Domestic T3, T4 & International T3 Open-air 0-10 mins (shuttle) Every 15 mins (approx)
Perth Airport Long Term H $28.00 $73.99 $109.00 Domestic T1, T2 & International T1 Open-air 0-15 mins (shuttle) Every 15 mins (approx)
The Car Port and Spa $50.00 $80.00 $120.00 All terminals Covered 3-5 mins (shuttle) On demand (booked in advance)
SkyPark** $45.00 $72.00 $120.00 All terminals Covered 4-6 mins (shuttle) On demand
Bay Airport Parking $50.00 $85.00 $120.00 All terminals Covered 5-10 mins (shuttle) On demand
Perth Airport Short Term T2 $53.00 $114.00 $129.00 Domestic T1, T2 Open air 2-3 mins (walk) N/A
Perth Airport Short Term T1 $53.00 $124.00 $139.00 Domestic T1 & International T1 Open air 2-3 mins (walk) N/A
Perth Airport Long Term (A, B, C, D, G, H, I, J, K)* $62.00 $105.00 $142.00 All terminals Open air 0-10 mins (walk) N/A
Perth Airport Short Term T3 & T4 $53.00 $119.00 $154.00 Domestic T3, T4 & International T3 Open air 1-2 mins (walk) N/A
Perth Airport Valet T3 & T4* $79.00 $157.00 $255.00 Domestic T3, T4 & International T3 Open air 0 mins (walk) N/A
Perth Airport Valet T3 & T4 $73.00 $200.00 $329.00 Domestic T3, T4 & International T3 Open air 0 mins (walk) N/A
Perth Airport Short Term (T1, T2, T3, T4)* $56.60 $160.00 $342.00 All terminals Open air 0-3 mins (walk) N/A

*Drive up rates. These rates are higher than when booking online. Save money by pre-booking your parking online – the same services are available when you drive up and book, but are subject to availability and these higher costs

** SkyParks website is unclear on the different costs between open-air parking and covered parking. Be sure to contact them in advance to avoid any misunderstandings


  • It’s generally recommended that you book online or over the phone as this will ensure your preferred parking is available
  • Some parking providers have different 1-day prices on their website. This is due to them charging based on calendar days regardless of how long you are there during that calendar day
  • If your flight is between 11 pm and 3am, it’s best to call the parking provider to ensure they can accommodate you
  • Transfer times are provided in ranges due to fluctuations in traffic as well as differences in walking distances due to the parking lot size

Short Stay Parking (< 24 hours) 

  • If you’re collecting or dropping off someone from Perth airport and plan to spend some time, be prepared to pay. 
  • The good news is that drop-off (< 10 minutes) is free in short-term parking spaces, and long-term parking spaces offer up to one hour free.
  • The table below explains the pricing and what you can expect to pay depending on your estimated parking time. 
  • Short Term and Long Term parking both offer short stays. However, Long Term is further away from the terminals.

Short Term (T1, T2, T3, T4)

Long Term (A, B, C, D, G, H, I, J, K)

0 – 10 minutes



10 – 15 minutes


15 – 30 minutes


30 – 45 minutes


45 minutes – 1 hour


1 – 1.25 hours



1.25 – 1.5 hours


1.5 – 1.75 hours


1.75 – 2 hours


2 – 3 hours


3 – 4 hours


4 – 5 hours



5 – 6 hours


6 – 7 hours


7 – 8 hours


8 – 24 hours (1 day)



Drop-off & Pick-up

  • For immediate free drop-off or pick-up, you can head to the parking bays at the front of the terminal. These parking bays are only available for immediate pick-up or drop-off. If you wait in these bays, you’ll be asked to move along by an employee of the Perth Airport.
  • While in the drop-off & pick-up zone, the driver must always stay with the vehicle in line with airport security measures. If your passenger needs help getting to or from the terminals, it’s recommended that another person attends to assist while the driver stays with the car.
  • For longer drop-offs or pick-ups, you can use the Long Term car parks for up to an hour free of charge. If you stay longer than this, you’ll be prompted to make a payment at the gate when leaving. See the table above for more details. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

How much is airport parking at Perth Airport?

The total cost depends on where you park, how long you park for and what service you opt into. For comparison, parking for an hour may be free, or up to $342 for a week. Seeking additional online discounts as well as using off-site airport parking can considerably bring down the cost for you.

How do I book? On the day or online?

Both – but for most places, you’ll get better deals and better parking options when booking online and in advance. When booking once you arrive, your options will be limited to what is available. This adds stress to your journey during busier times of the year.

Are all airport car parks undercover?

No – there are covered and ‘open air’ (uncovered) car parks available. Typically there is an additional cost for booking covered car parks, but this depends on who you book with.

Can I park my motorcycle at the Airport?

Yes – motorcycle parking is available. You can park at Terminals 1, 2, 3 and 4 for $6.10 a day. Just know that this only applies to two-wheelers. Three-wheel bikes will need to be parked in a standard car park.

What happens if my flight is delayed or I need to extend my stay?

You can arrange to extend your parking with the company you selected. You’ll either pay the additional time incurred, which is charged at the lowest rate, a predetermined ‘overstay’ fee, or nothing at all if you’re on a fixed daily or multi-day price and return within the day. If you’re going away for long stays, it’s always good to be on the safe side and organise for your pick-up time to be a few hours after you’re meant to land. This will give you enough time to cover most small flight delays.

Can I cancel my online booking and receive a refund?

This depends on who you book with. For the most part, you will be able to cancel your online booking and receive a refund. However, cancellation fees may apply. Be sure to read the cancellation and refund policy before you book.