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ySense Review Australia

ySense Review – The Definitive Australian Guide

Updated 26 July 2023

We reveal how much you can earn from working for ySense’s platform, who they’re looking for and what’s involved.

Our review covers the following:

What is ySense and is it Legitimate - Australia Review

What is ySense, and is it Legitimate?

  • ySense is a popular and widely used online survey rewards platform. Unlike other platforms like Ipsos iSay and Opinion World, which have operated for decades, ySense launched around 2013 and came to Australia in 2014.
  • ySense is a member of Prodege LLC, which is a Californian-based market research firm founded in 2007. The company specialises in surveys, online tasks and helping to unite consumers with businesses looking for insights.
  • Despite not being as well known as local-themed survey sites, thousands of Australians sign up to ySense every year, and its members participate in online surveys on various topics and receive cents or dollars for the time and effort invested. The approach taken by ySense to avoid points and rather reward members in cash is unique and respected.
  • While there are some negative reviews online about the ySense platform, this is typical of any survey site and our users rarely report any issues with the platform. We have listed these in our Pros and Cons section below.

How Do I Sign Up?

Signing up for ySense is a straightforward process:

  1. Visit the ySense website and click on the “Join Now” button.
  2. You’ll be prompted to provide some basic information, such as your name, email address, and date of birth, and you’ll need to create a username. 
  3. Once done, you’ll need to double-check your name and all other personal details and verify your email.
  4. Next, you’ll fill out a more detailed profile survey which asks your marital status, living situation, household size, income level, number of pets etc. This survey collects demographic information that ySense uses to match you with relevant surveys. It’s important to provide accurate and complete information here to increase your chances of qualifying for surveys.
  5. Once completed, you’ll be able to see the dashboard and the surveys available. ySense is very transparent with regards to how much each survey pays – there’s no complicated points system, 

MoneyHub Head of Research Christopher Walsh walks through ySense’s sign-up process in the video below:

ySense Australia Review - Earning and Redeeming Rewards

Earning and Redeeming Rewards

ySense is transparent and pays a fixed cash amount into your ySense account when a survey is completed. This avoids complicated and convoluted points or credits systems. However, some single-questions surveys or quizzes pay as little as 1 cent which are arguably a waste of time. 

When it comes to cashing out, you can make a gift card withdrawal when $15 is in your account. If you want cash, PayPal transfers require a minimum $25 balance. Rewards and redemptions are critical to the success of a survey website – if you have any comments on rewards (or anything else to do with ySense), please contact our research team. ySense also hosts a forum where you can ask questions and read more about other users’ experience. 

Important: There are sweepstakes, games, casino products and affiliate linked websites and other ways to use your balance or visit a third party website. We suggest ignoring all of this – we don’t believe these features are in the spirit of survey websites.

What Can I Earn?

  • The gift vouchers or cash transfers offered by ySense start at varying minimums. The lowest starting point is $15, which applies to Amazon, Starbucks, JCPenney, Amazon Australia, Gap, Bass Pro Shops, Banana Republic, Athleta, and Foot Locker. Next is $20 for iTunes, Dan Murphy’s, and Rebel Sport. After that, Skrill, Payoneer, and PayPal have a minimum of $25 while Caltex Petrol, Adrenalin, and David Jones vouchers start from $39.
  • Each survey will take around 10-90 minutes to complete, whereby a fixed cash payment is made to your account.
  • We estimate you’ll earn around $3+ an hour if you continuously complete surveys, however this is near-impossible so ySense will, for most people, serve as something you access every few days for 10-30 minutes.

ySense Review Australia Must-Know Facts

Must-Know Facts

Before signing up, be aware of the following:

  1. Your demographic profile determines your survey eligibility. Therefore, updating your profile regularly can help you qualify for more surveys. However, if you’re over a certain age and single, it’s realistic you’ll be less ‘in demand’ for surveys than someone with young children aged between 25 and 45. This is because ySense, like any survey company, is paid to do research for brands that mass consumers buy. If you’re not spending regularly, you’ll be less relevant to ySense (and arguably many other survey sites). 
  2. ySense is committed to data privacy and security. They follow strict procedures to ensure that your personal information is secure and used appropriately for research purposes. Their Data Insights section outlines its “PI (Personal Information) Collection, Disclosure, and Retention” policy under its general Privacy Policy, which is comprehensive.
  3. Overall, while every question you answer is recorded, the integrity of ySense’s business relies on privacy, and your details are carefully guarded but they are shared with their commercial partners. 
  4. ySense’s rewards system is straightforward as you’re paid in cents. However, it may take time to accumulate enough dollars for a $15, $20 or $25 gift voucher or PayPal transfer – how many surveys you do will directly influence how much you earn. 

ySense Australia Review Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons

ySense is a popular survey site across Australia, but before signing up it’s important to understand its limitations alongside its benefits:


  • Global trust: The platform operates in Australia and 20+ other countries and has amassed thousands of positive reviews from customers from these countries. ySense has 15+ years of experience in Australia. 
  • Continuous opportunities: There are a wide variety of surveys on different topics, with numerous surveys appearing weekly.
  • Simple earning: There’s no points system; each survey or task has a fixed reward in cents or dollars.
  • Low threshold for pay outs: $25 is the minimum for PayPal transfers, whereas gift vouchers start at $15. 


  • You need to be ‘transactional’ to be surveyed: The number and type of surveys can be limited based on demographic profile; the more you spend and behave like a typical consumer, the more you’ll be invited to surveys.
  • PayPal payments require a $25 balance threshold: Given we estimate members earn around $3/hour, a cash transfer will take some time to earn.
  • Too much temptation: We don’t like the gimmicky sweepstakes which burn your credits. We also dislike the casino or other affiliate marketing ySense offers which can distract people and reduce the amount of focus they have for earning money on the site.

User Testimonials

Over 80% of ySense’s online feedback is positive, but around 20% negative feedback is notable. However, while the vast majority of ySense’s members have no issues completing surveys and cashing out rewards, some common themes and issues are mentioned by a minority of users. Please note the reviews we inspected are international; we cannot isolate Australian-specific feedback but have not come across anything problematic in our research. The general negative experiences are as follows:

  1. Account Suspension and Verification: An overriding concern numerous users raise is abrupt account suspension, often occurring when they attempt to redeem their earnings. In many cases, this suspension was enforced without prior warning or a discernible reason. Alongside this, there are also numerous complaints about issues with account verification, where users had trouble authenticating their identity to facilitate the redemption of rewards.
  2. Difficulty Redeeming Rewards: Users have reported significant hurdles in redeeming their rewards. Despite amassing adequate balances, the redemption process frequently appeared to be obstructed, or users were notified that their account was under review.
  3. Substandard Customer Service: A common sentiment many users share is dissatisfaction with ySense’s customer service. A lack of effective response or resolution to issues compounded user frustrations with the platform.
  4. Inadequate Compensation for Time and Effort: Users felt that the remuneration offered by the platform did not adequately compensate for the time and effort put into completing surveys. Many deemed the frequency of surveys required to earn a substantial amount excessive.
  5. Data Privacy Concerns: Certain users voiced worries about misusing their personal information. They expressed concern that their data might be utilised without commensurate rewards being provided in return.

ySense Australia Review - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How often can I take surveys?

The number of surveys you can take depends on your demographic profile and the current research needs of ySense. It’s a good idea to check the platform regularly for new survey opportunities and promptly respond to email invitations. 

How long does it take to receive PayPal transfers? 

The processing time for PayPal can vary, but our research suggests you’ll receive payment within 1-3 days of requesting it.

What happens if I don’t qualify for a survey?

If you start a survey but don’t qualify to complete it, you’ll usually receive a few cents to compensate you for your time. Always provide accurate and consistent responses to improve your chances of qualifying for future surveys – survey sites actively use fraud prevention and look for inconsistencies to ensure their data has integrity, so always be truthful. 

What types of surveys can I expect on ySense?

ySense offers a wide variety of surveys spanning various subjects. These can range from product and brand opinions to advertising effectiveness, political polling, and more. The types of surveys you receive will largely depend on your demographic profile.

How long does each survey typically take to complete?

This can vary widely; between 10 to 30 minutes is the average. Longer and more complex surveys typically offer higher payments.

How much am I paid per survey?

Each survey offers a payment amount, clearly stated upfront, so you’ll know how much you’ll earn before you start. This can be 1 cent (for question of the day) to $3+ for in-depth surveys.

Can I participate in surveys on mobile devices?

Yes – ySense is accessible on multiple devices, including smartphones and tablets. This means you can take surveys at your convenience, whether at home or on the go. ySense also has an app for Google and Apple.

I signed up and haven’t received any survey invitations. What’s going on?

The number of survey invitations you receive can depend on various factors, including your demographic profile and the current needs of ySense’s clients. If you’re not receiving many survey invites, consider updating your profile to ensure it’s accurate and complete.

How long do my credits stay valid?

ySense’s Terms of Use do not make this clear, but further guidance about bonuses states that all bonuses within My Bonuses have an expiration date. If you have multiple bonuses applied to your account for the same type of award, i.e., multiple bonuses that issue rebates, they are applied on a “First to Expire Basis”.

ySense Australia Review Conclusion


  • ySense is a legitimate survey site that allows you to earn rewards for sharing your opinions and insights.
  • While what you earn is going to be $3/hour (and rarely more), it can be a productive and rewarding way to utilise your spare time. However, it’s not going to be a lucrative side hustle and it’s perfectly reasonable to decide to stop completing surveys later on.
  • We like the fact that the dashboard is simple to navigate and the fact that you’re credited in dollars and cents, not points.
  • As with any survey site, it has pros and cons, and success requires understanding how the system works and being relevant to the research it wants to complete.
  • ySense won’t be for everyone, but we see it as one of the best available, given its track record in Australia and straight-forward PayPal payment rewards.