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In this guide
How To Submit Your Feedback MoneyHub Australia

Updated 1 July 2023

We have researched and published a review on a specific product or service offering.  The purpose of emailing our draft is to introduce you to our preliminary findings and how we are conveying your product or service to the Australian public. We ask you to invest the time to review the page for accuracy. While our journalistic assertions are always objective, we invite you to raise any issues with our content in your review.


MoneyHub does not supply an editable Word (or similar) file to make edits. We recommend copying the contents of the web page you have received and paste it into a new Word document.

Our researchers will not update the page while it’s under your review unless specifically requested by you. This means there will only be ONE feedback round in most cases.

Creating a Feedback document – what to do:

Please review the draft page for accuracy and only reply to the email you have received from our researcher.

Once you have created a new Word document, we recommend inserting comments and/or track changes in your Word document this video outlines how to enable such features.

Please submit your feedback in a single email.

Informing Australians with 100% Accurate Information

MoneyHub’s ultimate goal is transparency to help Australian consumers. To do this we update our pages on a regular basis without notifying the service provider.

Your help is much appreciated,

Kind regards,

Christopher Walsh – MoneyHub Co-Founder and Head of Research