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In this guide

Best Driving Schools and Lessons in Brisbane

Find trusted driving schools and instructors in Brisbane; we explain how much driving lessons cost, how to save money, must-know facts, government testing requirements and list twenty of Brisbane’s most experienced and patient driving schools.

Updated 4 January 2023


  • Learning to drive can be a daunting prospect. Knowing you have full responsibility for the two-tonne vehicle you’re sitting in is a scary thought in and of itself.
  • When you factor in having to consider other road users, weather conditions, and learning all the traffic signs and signals, it might all seem a little overwhelming.
  • However, Brisbane has dozens of trusted driving schools and instructors who help build your confidence throughout your early days behind the wheel. 
  • To help you choose confidently, our guide covers how much driving lessons cost, how to get the best price, must-know facts and frequently asked questions. 
  • We also list twenty trusted and reliable driving schools and instructors with a proven track record of helping drivers succeed in all corners of Brisbane.

How Much do Driving Lessons Cost, and What Do They Cover?

Driving lessons in Brisbane typically cost between $60 and $80 per one-hour lesson, though you may find some slightly cheaper or more expensive. Most driving schools and instructors have lessons available for automatic and manual vehicles, with pricing for both transmission types being roughly the same.

How is a lesson structured?

  • Driving lessons can be tailored to your requirements. Most lessons last an hour, but longer sessions can usually be booked if negotiated beforehand.
  • A typical lesson will generally begin with the instructor picking you up or meeting you at a preset location. Then the lesson will take place in either your vehicle or the instructor’s vehicle.
  • The instructor may specifically select the areas you drive in to meet your individual learning needs.
  • Many schools and instructors offer everything from absolute beginner lessons to lessons specifically for experienced drivers from other countries. 

How Can I Get the Best Price?

  • One free government-funded lesson: The Australian Government’s Keys 2 Drive initiative provides one free lesson with an accredited supervisor for all drivers who have never progressed past their Ls. This – make sure to take advantage of this.
  • Book in bulk: Committing to booking several lessons at once or taking advantage of concession-type deals will often result in an overall discount (usually between 5 – 15% off the total cost).
  • Make sure you’re able to attend: Ensure you book your lessons for times you can commit to if you’re pre-paying – some schools and instructors won’t let you reschedule for free past a certain point, especially if you’ve bought a deal for multiple lessons.
  • Ask about special packages: Driving lessons aren’t only for those on their Ls – drivers from overseas and fully-licensed local drivers can also take advantage of lessons to refresh or improve their skills. If you fit into one of these categories, make sure you enquire whether your driving school has special packages to fit your situation.

Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Driving Instructor

  1. Are the instructors accredited? This is important for safety and claiming bonuses such as the Keys2Drive initiative and bonus logbook hours for learner drivers (see below). 
  2. What car will I be driving? If you want to learn to drive a manual car specifically, it is worth double-checking that the school you’re inquiring with is able to provide lessons for this transmission type.
  3. What am I paying for? Confirm the lengths and details of the session(s) you’re booking, and make sure they align with your expectations based on the cost. Be wary of very low-cost schools that seem too good to be true, and try to avoid instructors that are unusually expensive ($90+) – you are likely to be able to find equally qualified trainers at a much more reasonable rate.
  4. What do other people think of the school/instructor? You can usually answer this question by checking recent reviews for bigger driving schools/instructors or asking people around you. This is a great way to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth, as lessons can be expensive.

How am I charged?

Most driving schools have online booking platforms where you can pre-pay online before the lesson or keep track of what you’ve booked. These payments can be completed using a credit or debit card. In addition, some driving schools or instructors may offer alternate payment options like bank deposit, cash and mobile Eftpos. 

Things to Know About Arranging Driving Lessons in Brisbane

Some driving schools offer test packages, which usually involve the instructor picking you up from home, taking you for a supervised “warm-up” drive/lesson before your test time, and using the instructor’s vehicle for your test. This can be a great way to calm your nerves before a test and avoid potential failure (which would mean paying the test fee again). Different vehicles can feel very different to drive due to factors such as ranges in pedal and steering sensitivity and vehicle weight, so taking the test in the vehicle you’ve learned to drive in can be hugely beneficial.

Per the Queensland Government, if you are under 25, you will need to record at least 100 hours of supervised driving in any of the following:

  • Your Queensland Learner Logbook app
  • Your Queensland Learner Logbook (hard copy)
  • A learner logbook app from a recognised third-party provider
  • An approved interstate learner logbook
  • Or a combination of the above methods.
  • Queensland drivers completing supervised driving hours with accredited driving instructors will count for triple time on your log book for the first 10 hours (e.g. 10 hours with a qualified driver trainer = 30 hours in your log book), which is a bonus of driving with an accredited instructor.
  • Accredited driving schools also offer some driving courses should you want to log more hours as part of a course.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a driving lesson?

Most driving schools and instructors have websites you can use to book lessons. These websites will typically have a calendar showing lesson and instructor availability. They will allow you to select the preferred time and date and provide your desired pick-up or meeting location. The website should also provide a price upfront for your lesson(s). Most will have a contact phone number or e-mail that you can use to contact the school or instructor directly if necessary. If you have any questions about your readiness, contact your preferred driving school.

Should I learn to drive in an automatic or manual car?

This depends on your preference, skill level, confidence and car(s) you have access to. For example, many people consider automatic cars easier to drive as no clutch pedal or manual transmission shifting is involved. However, you can always learn to drive an automatic first, build your confidence, and learn a manual later. The Queensland Government makes it clear – if you learn and sit your test in an automatic, you won’t be able to drive a manual until you sit a driving test in a manual

I’m a learner driver. What do I need to take a driving lesson? 

Once you’ve made a valid booking and had it confirmed, learner drivers will need to ensure they have their current learner’s licence and logbook to take with them on lessons. Ensure you understand the road rules well, and if you need glasses or contacts while driving, don’t forget to wear them. This guide from the Queensland Government outlines what you need to know.

Do I need my own car to take driving lessons?

Not necessarily. Driving schools and instructors typically supply a car you can practise in if you don’t have one. However, it is generally recommended that you take your lessons in the same car you intend to take your practical test in eventually.

How many driving lessons do I need before I can pass my practical test?

That depends – it varies from person to person. Your instructor will give you feedback at the end of your lessons and provide guidelines for what you should be working on and looking out for. Typically they will be able to roughly gauge whether they believe you are ready to drive on your own – but ultimately, it’s up to you and how confident you feel driving without help.

Know This: The cost of driving lessons can add up quickly, so we suggest taking a few lessons at first to get familiar with how driving feels. Then, consider mixing paid lessons with practice drives alongside a fully licensed family member or friend as your supervisor. You must also complete your logbook hours (if applicable) and hold your learner’s licence for at least 12 months before you can go for your test.

How can I get information on specific logbook, licensing and testing requirements for Queensland?

The Queensland Government’s website covers logbookslicensing and driver tests. The extensive website explains everything you need to know to plan your driving lessons and licence success.

The Best Driving Schools and Lessons in Brisbane

T2 Driving School Brisbane

The T2 Driving School Brisbane offers manual and automatic driving lessons for learners and international licence holders in Brisbane Northside, Brisbane Southside, Pine Rivers, Logan, Redlands and Bayside. Their instructors are Industry Accredited by Queensland Transport and hold a Blue Card clearance from the Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian.

What customers like about T2 Driving School Brisbane:

  • Provides useful guidance and advice 
  • Comfortable and easy to work with 
  • Gives important information regarding driving test 
  • Prepares the client well before taking the test 
  • They provide their full list of pricing and available packages here.
  • Please note: A late cancellation fee of $35 applies for lessons cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment.
  • Services offered (but not limited to): Manual and automatic driving lessons, driving test preparation
  • Google Rating: ~5.0/5
  • Address: Mount Gravatt, Brisbane 4122
  • Website: T2 Driving School Brisbane
  • Mobile: 0414 629 276
  • Email address:

Emu Driving School

Emu Driving School is owned and operated by Omid, who has a teaching background and is knowledgeable of Queensland’s Road Rules. They offer driving lessons in Brisbane City, inner city suburbs and Brisbane South Side.

What customers like about Emu Driving School:

  • Provides clear instructions and explanations 
  • Gives clients useful driving techniques 
  • Friendly and knowledgeable instructor 
  • Provides valuable and constructive feedback to client’s driving 
  • You may view their full list of driving lesson packages per suburb through this page
  • Please note: Their pricing ranges from $75 to $700 depending on the number of hours required.
  • Services offered (but not limited to): Driving lessons, review and driving test 
  • Google Rating: ~5.0/5
  • Address: South Brisbane, Woolloongabba 4102
  • Website: Emu Driving School
  • Contact number: 1300 800 368
  • Email address:

MyLife Driving School

MyLife Driving School offers driving lessons for teens, adults and senior learners. They have several locations in northern, eastern, southern, western and inner Brisbane.

What customers like about MyLife Driving School:

  • Provides reasonable prices on their services 
  • The instructor is flexible, friendly, and enthusiastic 
  • Helps the clients feel at ease during the driving lesson 
  • Provides helpful tips to pass the actual driving test 
  • View the available vouchers and packages on their site for more information. 
  • Please note: Prices on their website do not include Queensland Transport Fees. MyLife Driving School also offers night driving lessons.
  • Services offered (but not limited to): Beginner driving lesson, refresher lesson, driving test and review 
  • Google Rating: ~5.0/5
  • Address: Coorparoo, Brisbane 4151
  • Website: MyLife Driving School
  • Mobile: 0456 860 714
  • Email address:

iLeap Driving School

iLeap Driving School is a professional driving academy providing automatic vehicle driving lessons for more than 20 years. They cater for learners aged 17 to 70 years old. 

What customers like about iLeap Driving School:

  • Provides reliable practice test 
  • Gives excellent instructions and tips 
  • The instructor is knowledgeable and accommodating 
  • Guides the client to improve driving skills 
  • The complete list of Brisbane suburbs that they service can be found on their website
  • Please note: Their 1-hour driving lesson starts from $75. 
  • Services offered (but not limited to): Automatic driving lessons and practical driving tests 
  • Google Rating: ~5.0/5
  • Address: Wavell Heights, Brisbane 4012
  • Website: iLeap Driving School
  • Mobile: 0450 037 786
  • Email address:

No Yelling Driving School

No Yelling Driving School has more than 10 years of experience in connecting learners and driving instructions across South East Queensland. Their serviced locations include Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast and Melbourne.

What customers like about No Yelling Driving School:

  • The instructor is skilled and patient 
  • Helps the client prepare and pass the practical test
  • Comfortable and easy to work with
  • Explains the process clearly 
  • New and returning students can easily rebook for a driving lesson through their Prepay and Booking page
  • Please note: Their starting package costs $75, which includes an introduction to the instructor and a 1-hour driving lesson.
  • Services offered (but not limited to): Automatic car driving lessons, manual car driving lessons and practical tests
  • Google Rating: ~4.9/5
  • Address: Brisbane 4000
  • Website: No Yelling Driving School
  • Contact number: 07 3102 5800
  • Email address:

EasyAs Driver Training

EasyAs Driver Training offers a comprehensive and fully structured driver training program in Brisbane and Gold Coast. All their teaching vehicles are 5-star ANCAP rated for everyone’s safety. 

What customers like about EasyAs Driver Training:

  • Shows support and patience throughout the learning process
  • Their staff responds promptly to concerns 
  • The packages and pricing are reasonable 
  • See their full list of packages and vouchers on their website
  • Please note: Their manual Keys2Drive lesson starts from $99. They also offer a weekly payment basis for most of their packages. 
  • Services offered (but not limited to): Student driving lesson, standard driving lesson, practical test, manual Keys2Drive and automatic Keys2Drive lessons
  • Google Rating: ~4.9/5
  • Address: Brisbane 4000
  • Website: EasyAs Driver Training
  • Contact number: 07 5322 4800
  • Email address:

PEAK Driving School

Peak Driving School started operating in 2015 and provides driving lessons in the Western Suburbs of Brisbane. 

What customers like about PEAK Driving School:

  • The instructors are calm and helpful throughout the driving lesson 
  • Assists their clients from start to finish 
  • The instructors emphasize the important skills a driver should have 
  • Visit their pricing page for the complete list of their available lessons and test day packages.   
  • Please note: They are currently offering automatic driving lessons only and their single lesson with 60-minute of auto driving starts at $75.  
  • Services offered (but not limited to): Up to 10 hours of driving lessons, test slot booking, test day lesson and car hire.  
  • Google Rating: ~5.0/5
  • Address: Brisbane 4000
  • Website: PEAK Driving School
  • Mobile: 0401 524558
  • Email address:

Global Driving School (Truck Driving Licences)

Global Driving School is an authorised truck driving training provider in Brisbane. They specialise in Light Rigid, Medium Rigid, Heavy Rigid, Heavy Combination and Multi Combination truck licences. 

What customers like about Global Driving School:

  • Global Driving School instructors are experienced professionals offering one-on-one training
  • Goes beyond and above the client’s expectations
  • Offers after-hours training 
  • Clearly and effectively educate their clients regarding safe driving skills
  • Their list of available truck training courses can be found on their website.  
  • Please note: They specialise in truck driving lessons only.
  • Services offered (but not limited to): Truck driving training, licence assistance 
  • Google Rating: ~5.0/5
  • Address: Level 3/150 Edward St, Brisbane City 4000
  • Website: Global Driving School
  • Mobile: 0478 181 800
  • Email address:

Affordable Driving School

Affordable Driving School provides comprehensive, cost-effective driving lessons throughout Brisbane and Gold Coast. They have been in the industry for 25 years, offering manual and automatic driving lessons, test packages and elderly driving assessments. 

What customers like about Affordable Driving School:

  • Their instructors make the driving lessons fun for the new learners.  
  • They value their client’s time and effort. 
  • Provides a warm-up lesson before the start of the test 
  • Their car lessons pricing is listed on this page
  • Please note: They offer a 1-hour lesson for as low as $70.  
  • Services offered (but not limited to): Automatic driving lessons, manual driving lessons,  mock tests, driving test packages,  international licence conversion, elderly driving assessment, and upgrade from manual to automatic transmission driving. 
  • Google Rating: ~4.9/5
  • Address: 61 Kirby Rd, Aspley, Brisbane 4034
  • Website: Affordable Driving School
  • Contact number: 07 3863 1399
  • Email address:

Briswide Driving School

Briswide Driving School offers professional driving lessons to learners within Brisbane and the surrounding suburbs. Their instructors are highly trained and use the latest safety techniques in driving. 

What customers like about Briswide Driving School:

  • Helps boost their client’s confidence in driving 
  • Makes the driving lesson enjoyable 
  • Explains things clearly during their lessons 
  • Check for available Briswide Driving School intructors near your location through this link
  • Please note: Both their manual and automatic driving lessons start from $70.  
  • Services offered (but not limited to): Automatic driving lessons, manual driving lessons, Keys 2 Drive lessons, test day lessons and mock road test  
  • Google Rating: ~5.0/5
  • Address: Carseldine, Brisbane 4034
  • Website: Briswide Driving School
  • Mobile: 0491 042 141
  • Email address:

Mortons Driving School of Excellence

Mortons Driving School of Excellence is a family operated business established in 1995. They actively participate in industry associations that ensure up-to-date driver training. 

What customers like about Mortons Driving School of Excellence:

  • They have a good habit of correcting their students nicely.
  • Prepares their students well for the test 
  • Makes their students feel at ease while learning 
  • They have listed some useful learner driver information to help learners establish good driving habits and awareness to correct techniques. 
  • Please note: Mortons Driving School of Excellence is often booked out in advance. They recommend booking the first few lessons close together to provide continuity of learning. 
  • Services offered (but not limited to): Driving lesson, refresher lesson, Keys 2 Drive lessons.
  • Google Rating: ~4.9/5
  • Address: Brisbane 4000
  • Website: Mortons Driving School of Excellence
  • Mobile: 0414 186 191
  • Email address:

RAC School of Motoring

RAC School of Motoring provides driver training courses for automatic and manual vehicles across Brisbane. 

What customers like about RAC School of Motoring:

  • The instructors are friendly, patient, and reliable.
  • They recognize their student’s driving progress. 
  • Their instructors are easy to work with 
  • Constructively advises the learners about their areas of improvement 
  • They have a variety of driving lesson packages to choose from. Browse the packages for more information. 
  • Please note: A standard 60-min lesson for automatic and manual driving can cost as low as $40 if you take advantage of their Intro package, which includes 3 hours of logbook time. Succeeding hours will cost $67.50 each.
  • Services offered (but not limited to): Driving lesson for automatic and manual driving, mock driving test and international licence changeover
  • Google Rating: ~4.9/5
  • Address: Level 1, Unit 1/44 Proprietary St, Tingalpa, Brisbane 4173
  • Website: RAC School of Motoring
  • Contact number: 07 3123 5412
  • Email address:

L PASSO Driving School

L PASSO Driving School is a driving licence training school servicing the Brisbane suburbs. They have been in the industry since 2008.

What customers like about L PASSO Driving School:

  • Instills confidence and knowledge in their students 
  • Helps the learners overcome their fear of driving 
  • Provides constructive feedback to help improve one’s driving skills 
  • They have special deals to help new learners start their driving lessons
  • Please note: They offer a 1.5-hour on-road practical learning for only $40
  • Services offered (but not limited to): Keys 2 Drive lessons, driving lessons for manual and automatic transmission vehicles, test day packages, and mock driving tests
  • Google Rating: ~4.9/5
  • Address: 24 Hill Crescent, Carina Heights, Brisbane 4152
  • Website: L PASSO Driving School
  • Mobile: 0430 968 935
  • Email address:

GPS Driving School Brisbane

GPS Driving School Brisbane offers specialised, tailored driving lessons to learners within Brisbane. They are one of the few driving schools that offer driving lessons for young people and adults who have Autism. 

What customers like about GPS Driving School Brisbane:

  • Helps students become confident with their driving skills
  • The instructor is calm and precise when in a discussion. 
  • They provide reliable driving lessons and adequate guidance throughout the learning process. 
  • Visit the Pricing Page on their website to find out what it costs to learn to drive with a private driving instructor at GPS Driving School Brisbane. 
  • Please note: Their standard 75-minute lesson starts at $75. A minimum of 72-hour notice is required for booking cancellation.
  • Services offered (but not limited to): Automatic driving lessons, driving lessons for people with learning difficulties and practical practice driving, 
  • Google Rating: ~4.9/5
  • Address: Mount Nebo Road, Jollys Lookout, Brisbane 4520
  • Website: GPS Driving School Brisbane
  • Mobile: 0430 284 285
  • Email address:

Great Western Driving School

Great Western Driving School offers training programs suitable to each student. Their driving lessons cover safer speed, dangerous behaviours, country driving, driveway safety and breakdown safety. 

What customers like about Great Western Driving School:

  • Clearly explains the relevant steps to beginners. 
  • Their driving instructors are highly experienced, and the services are fairly priced. 
  • The instructor is fun, friendly and accommodating. 
  • Makes their students feel that they are well-prepared for their test. 
  • Some good reads and driving advice for beginner drivers are available on their website.
  • Please note: Their 1-hour lesson costs $70, but with their 5-hour special offer, the hourly rate can drop for as low as $67. 
  • Services offered (but not limited to): Automatic driving lessons, manual driving lessons, and test day predrive package. 
  • Google Rating: ~4.9/5
  • Address: Moggill, Brisbane 4070
  • Website: Great Western Driving School
  • Mobile: 0412 913 775
  • Email address:

My Driving School

My Driving School offers professional training for learners within Brisbane, Northern Gold Coast, Moreton Bay and the surrounding suburbs. 

What customers like about My Driving School:

  • The instructor provides clear instructions during the lesson. 
  • Their staff is easy to work with and accommodating. 
  • They have collated the most frequently asked questions for learners who want to start their driving experienced with My Driving School. 
  • Please note: They have an ongoing promotion for new students that offer a 3-hour driving lesson for only $120, including the Keys2Drive lesson. 
  • Services offered (but not limited to): Manual and automatic driving lessons and Keys 2 Drive lessons 
  • Google Rating: ~5.0/5
  • Address: 6/1050 Manly Road Tingalpa, Brisbane 4173
  • Website: My Driving School
  • Contact number: 1800 684 708
  • Email address:

Roadworks Driver Training

Roadworks Driver Training is a family owned business established in 2006 by Glenn Valentine, an experienced driving instructor. They service the Inner, Southside, East, and West Brisbane.

What customers like about Brisbane Roadworks Driver Training:

  • They make each of the driving lessons easy to understand. 
  • Their team is considerate of their client’s schedule and availability. 
  • The instructor helps their student overcome their fear and anxiety when driving.  
  • Roadworks Driver Training offers affordable and competitive driving lesson prices
  • Please note: An additional 3% surcharge to prices quoted using Paypal. 
  • Services offered (but not limited to): Manual and automatic driving lessons, mock-up tests and day test lessons 
  • Google Rating: ~5.0/5
  • Address: 35 Sylvia Street, Camp Hill, 4152
  • Website: Roadworks Driver Training
  • Contact number: 07 3395 3352
  • Email address:

Good Luck Driving School

Good Luck Driving School is a registered driving school in Sunnybank, Brisbane. They have level 4 accredited instructors ready to teach the new and continuing students.

What customers like about Good Luck Driving School:

  • Goold Luck Driving school helps students become more confident with their driving skills.  
  • Able to plan the lessons in and around the test routes 
  • They offer reasonable prices for their driving lessons. 
  • The instructor is knowledgeable and skilled. 
  • Their pricing and packages already include pick-up and drop-off service. 
  • Please note: Their driving lesson fee starts at $60. They also do not charge extra for Weekend and public holiday classes. 
  • Services offered (but not limited to): Automatic driving lesson, driving test 
  • Google Rating: ~5.0/5
  • Address: Sunnybank, Brisbane 4109
  • Website: Good Luck Driving School
  • Mobile: 0422 425 604
  • Email address: 

Learn to Perfect Driving School

Learn to Perfect Driving school is based on the Northside of Brisbane. They provide manual and automatic driving lessons and a test day package using a dual-controlled teaching vehicle. 

What customers like about Learn to Perfect Driving School:

  • The instructor uses a calm and friendly approach when teaching students. 
  • They are easy to work with and very accommodating. 
  • In Learn to Perfect Driving school, one can improve their driving skills with just a few lessons.
  • Online booking is available on their website for those who want to get started with their driving lessons. 
  • Please note: A 24-hour notice is required for all cancellations. Otherwise, 50% of the lesson price may be charged. 
  • Services offered (but not limited to): Driving lessons, test day lessons and driving review 
  • Google Rating: ~5.0/5
  • Address: 62 Crowley St, Zillmere, Brisbane 4034
  • Website: Learn to Perfect Driving School
  • Mobile: 0428 611 170
  • Email address:

Helen’s Learn to Drive

Helen’s Learn to drive is a female-owned and operated driving school in Indooroopilly. The instructor is a Member of the Australian Driver Trainers Association and is currently servicing Brisbane West. 

What customers like about Helen’s Learn to Drive:

  • They provide genuine support to students showing fear and anxiety while driving. 
  • Makes a calm and relaxed driving atmosphere for their learners. 
  • Helen prepares the students well for their practical exam. 
  • Their terms and conditions can be reviewed online before making an appointment.
  • Please note: Their 1.5-hour driving lesson is equivalent to 4.5 logbook hours and costs $110. 
  • Services offered (but not limited to): One-on-one automatic driving lessons, test preparation and night lessons 
  • Google Rating: ~5.0/5
  • Address: Indooroopilly Rd, Indooroopilly 4068
  • Website: Helen’s Learn to Drive
  • Mobile: 0429 912 774
  • Email address: